Englewood’s Dish hooks up with Amazon to build 5G network, to launch in Las Vegas

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Englewood’s Dish hooks up with Amazon to build 5G network, to launch in Las Vegas

On Wednesday, Dish Network, the Englewood, Colorado-headquartered satellite television company had cut a deal with Amazon.com Inc. in a bid to develop its fifth-generation network on Amazon’s cloud service AWS (Amazon Web Service) platform, while the US-based satellite television provider was expecting to kick off its first US network in Las Vegas later this year, pointing towards a deepening of tie-up between Dish Network and Amazon’s AWS despite the latter's exclusive relationship with wireless data carrier Verizon.

In the latest flashpoint of a race to build a fifth-generation network in the United States, Dish Network came down in favour of a proposal to adopt a new technology called as O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) which runs network functions on the cloud by capitalizing on certain software, eventually leading to a decline in investment on physical equipment.

Nevertheless, under terms of the deal rubberstamped earlier in the day, Dish Network and Amazon would combinedly develop fifth-generation applications such as serve contextual advertising or low-latency augmented reality gaming experience.

Dish signals deeper tie-up with Amazon on 5G network development

Meanwhile, referring to an out and out optimism over Dish Network’s latest deal to pick up Amazon.com Inc. on board at its fifth-generation network development venture, Dish Chief Network Officer Marc Rouanne said in an interview following the announcement, “We have exposed our ambition and our technology to a number of enterprise customers and we are in deep discussions”.

Besides, AWS Vice President David Brown said in a statement that the companies had been in talks for more than 18 months before signing off the deal on Wednesday. Nonetheless, AWS has an existing 5G partnership with the second-largest US telecom operator Verizon.