Georgia’s Colonial pipeline down for fourth day as hackers issue statement

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Georgia’s Colonial pipeline down for fourth day as hackers issue statement

Colonial Pipeline Co., the Alpharetta, Georgia-headquartered largest American refined products’ pipeline operator, might not be fully operational at least several more days as a cyberattack that apparently took place on the eve of last weekend, had turned down Colonial Pipeline’s entire networking system, while earlier on Monday, a statement was issued in the name of a criminal network dubbed as DarkSide asking ransoms, depoliticizing a high-stake issue amid FBI arguments that the attack was originated from East European countries.

In the latest flashpoint of one of the most miasmic digital cyberattack on US soil, several industry analysts were quoted saying on Monday that the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, responsible for transporting nearly a half of the volume of fuels consumed across US East Coast, would more likely to keep pipeline activities submerged for several days while driving up prices and prompting refiners to slash production since they have no access to pipelines amid Colonial Pipeline’s claim that the pipeline group would be able to restore operations by next weekend.

Cyber attackers issue statement

On top of that, amid worrying push from FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) alongside other lawmakers to politicize the subject-matter, citing the cyber-crime group was based on Eastern Europe, the US President Joe Biden was quoted saying earlier in the day that there had been no evidence so far that any east-European Governments had been involved in the attack, de-escalating tensions on the political front.

Meanwhile, a statement was issued on DarkSide’s name earlier on Monday that said, “Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society,” though the statement neither disclosed the sum what the group was seeking, nor mentioned the affected pipeline group by name.