Milan’s Dolce&Gabbana ad promoting unconventional relationship to be banned in Russia

A Russian prosecutor had called on banning two Dolce&Gabbana Instagram video ads showing unconventional relationships

by Sourav D
Milan’s Dolce&Gabbana ad promoting unconventional relationship to be banned in Russia

A Russ prosecutor on Monday called on banning two Instagram advertisement videos of Spanish luxury retailer Dolce&Gabbana that showed two same-sex couples were kissing, a move that could stem similar repercussions in a number of countries.

Although, Dolce&Gabbana had declined to comment over the issue, the two short videos which were posted under @dolcegabbana in Instagram promoting unorthodox relationships, had been a part of the Milan-based luxury fashion retailer’s global “love is love” campaign targeting valentine’s day sales.

Alongside this, the promo had not been Dolce&Gabbana’s first such move to exploit unconventional relationships in advertisements.

Russia seeks to ban Dolce&Gabbana ad promoting same-sex relations

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Petersburg court’s press service, in tandem, said in a post dated back to May 14 that a prosecutor had lodged a complaint against the promo adding “The claim established that the video contains information that rejects family values and propagandizes non-traditional sexual relationships”.

In factually, latest call from a Russian prosecutor to ban the Dolce & Gabbana Instagram advertisement came forth as a member of ruling United Russia party, Mikhail Romanov who sits in the lower house of the parliament, had lodged a complaint about the promotion that had been posted under @dolcegabbana, the St.

Petersburg press agency had unwrapped earlier on the day. Nonetheless, same-sex relationships have been legalized in Russia, but a law dated back to 2013s had banned broadcasting "propaganda on non-traditional sexual relations,” however, human rights groups had inveighed against the legislation at that time adding it would increase social hostility towards unconventional relationships.

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