Palo Alto’s Tesla sets up China site to store car data locally amid growing scrutiny

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Palo Alto’s Tesla sets up China site to store car data locally amid growing scrutiny

On Tuesday, Tesla Inc., the Palo Alto, California-headquartered American multinational e-vehicle trailblazer, said that the EV manufacturer had set out a site in China in a bid to store all data generated by the cars it sells off in the country.

On top of that, in a Weibo post, Tesla Inc. was quoted saying earlier on the day that the carmaker had established a site in China to store data locally for the cars which it had sold off in the country including Model 3 Sedans and Model Y SUVs, while the data generated by the vehicles which Tesla Inc would be selling in future in China, would be stored in the same site inside the country.

Aside from that, Tesla Inc had also ensured in the Weibo post that it would continue to grow its data centre networks in China.

Tesla establishes China site to store vehicles' data locally

In point of fact, latest move from Tesla Inc to set up a site for storing car data locally came against the backdrop of growing regulatory scrutiny on how the world’s largest carmaker by market valuation had been handling information gathered through its vehicles’ cameras and sensors, while a number of Chinese government employees had been told not to park their Tesla vehicles inside Government compounds over concerns that the vehicles’ data could be exploited to jeopardize the country’s national security.

China, in tandem, the largest car market across the globe, has been working out regulatory legislations to reaffirm the safety of data generated by connected vehicles, since their growing popularity had spurred up concerns about a potential breach in privacy and national security.