Mountain View’s Google LLC nears settlement deal with French antitrust regulators

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Mountain View’s Google LLC nears settlement deal with French antitrust regulators

fGoogle LLC., the Alphabet Inc-owned world’s largest internet services provider, had been closing in on a settlement deal over an antitrust probe in France that alleged the California-headquartered online advertising mogul of abusing its market dominance to gain an unfair advantage over rival exchanges regarding online advertisements, while Google LLC.

was expected to pay off a sum in punitive measure, a Wall Street Journal report had unveiled late on Thursday citing unnamed people familiar with the subject-matter. Aside from that, the newspaper report had quoted French anti-trust regulators as saying that the Google’s ad auction system, which helps apps alongside websites sell ads online, had been proffering the online advertising giant an upper hand over rival exchanges, however, the media headline had also said that the Mountain View, California-headquartered American multinational tech conglomerate had already offered a sum to settle the matter.

Nevertheless, if successful, the settlement would be the first among a series of anti-trust cases, which Google’s ad business had long been battling.

Google LLC. nears anti-trust settlement deal with French regulators

In factuality, Google LLC had generated a jawdropping $147 billion in revenues from its online ad business last year, while a lion’s share of Google’s ad sales were funelled through YouTube ads alongside its search engine.

Nonetheless, while the online advertising monolith had spent around $23 billion last year to help publishers sell ads, Google’s tie-up with the publishers had drawn steep anti-trust scrutiny last year with critics urging for a spin-off of its ad business, too.

Nevertheless, Google LLC could reach a settlement deal with French anti-trust regulators as early as this week and an accord could be announced in weeks, said the newspaper report. However, the settlement deal would only be applicable within France, the Wall Street Journal report had quoted one of the sources as saying.