India’s ‘Detroit’ allowed to operate as carmakers shut down plants amid protests

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India’s ‘Detroit’ allowed to operate as carmakers shut down plants amid protests

Production lines in India’s automotive HubSpot of Chennai would continue to operate, the state Government of Tamil Nadu had said in a statement on Saturday as workers had been protesting over frets of contracting the pandemic pathogen in what seemingly had become the world’s second-most populous country’s hardest-hit state in the second wave of outbreak this year.

Although the state Government of Tamil Nadu had spanned a partial lockdown on Friday in context of a rise in pandemic cases, a Government order was issued on Saturday saying that the continuous proceedings of industries including auto factories, would be allowed to operate under strict social distancing measure, eventually ramping up heats among workers who had been keeping production lines up and running under tremendous pressure as frets of contracting the pandemic contagion step up.

Nevertheless, the country’s overall tally of daily pandemic cases had been sharply falling over recent weeks as India had recorded about 167,000 pandemic cases as of Sunday, much lower than a reading above 400,000 registered earlier this month.

In point of fact, latest move from the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu came forth as hundreds of auto workers were reportedly falling ill due to pandemic-led complications, the state’s labour union had confirmed.

Besides, manufacturing plants of Ford Motor Co alongside Hyundai Motor Co located near the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, had been shut down later last amid workers’ protest over unsafe working atmosphere, while Renault-Nissan had shuttered down its production lines in Chennai after workers had threatened to stop working.

Meanwhile, addressing to unsafe working conditions at car plants, a senior labour union leader at Hayundai said over the weekend, “We're scared about working. The company is citing government orders and asking us to report for work. The government needs to think about the welfare of workers.