Wilmington crypto company Coinbase to allow users to use cards via Apple, Google Pay

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Wilmington crypto company Coinbase to allow users to use cards via Apple, Google Pay

On Tuesday, Coinbase Global Inc., the Wilmington, Delaware-headquartered American cryptocurrency exchange operator, had issued a statement saying that the crypto company had teamed up with Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google LLC, which in effect would enable its users to link their Coinbase Cards with payment apps of Apple and Google.

On top of that, latest Coinbase move came against the backdrop of a PayPal Holding Inc decision that allowed its US-based users to use crypto assets for paying out millions of online merchants across the globe, while several institutional investors were reportedly piling up crypto assets, though it remained unclear whether the Wall St.’s mainstream traders were exploiting a blistering crypto rally to shelve quick gains instead nurturing the asset.

Aside from that, the Wilmington-based cryptocurrency exchange operator had said in a blog post that its users’ cards added to Apple and Google wallets, could be capitalized on purchasing almost everything by using digital currencies, while the crypto exchange operator had also claimed it would automatically convert its customers’ cryptocurrencies to US Dollar in a Coinbase Card that could be used for purchases and ATM withdrawals, remarking another milestone event in a joyride for cryptos which had long been seeking mainstream adoption.

Coinbase partners up with Google Pay and Apple Pay

In tandem, Coinbase was quoted saying in a blog post that its users would be eligible for rebates or crypto rewards while shopping using a Coinbase card with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Nonetheless, crypto assets were facing off a series of setbacks lately including a China crackdown on digital assets alongside a Tesla Inc move not to accept payments in Bitcoin, eventually turning down the heats in a blowout crypto rally that had sent Bitcoin to a record $65,000 a month earlier.