Palo Alto’s Tesla revises plan for German factory, scolds lengthy regulatory process

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Palo Alto’s Tesla revises plan for German factory, scolds lengthy regulatory process

Tesla Inc., the Palo Alto, California-headquartered world’s largest automaker by market valuation, had revised its application for a German Gigafactory later last week, while the revised application included more details on plans to manufacture on-site battery cells alongside an expansion of other production lines, the German officials said.

On top of that, the revised application of Tesla Inc. had also included an additional proposal on how it would limit water consumption and keep usage at a constant level despite an expansion of its planned factory, which would be located at Gruenheide in the outskirts of Berlin.

Nonetheless, Tesla had sharply scolded the lengthy legislative process in Germany on prior occasions and blamed it for delaying the factory launch. However, the agriculture and environment ministry of the German state of Brandenburg, had already mentioned in a statement that Tesla would made a considerable extent of change at its application for constructing a planned Gigafactory in Germany.

Tesla revises its German Gigafactory plan

Latest move from Tesla Inc., in tandem, came against the backdrop of a statement issued in April, while the Californian carmaker was quoted saying that its plan to build a Gigafactory in Germany had been holding forth and production and deliveries were well ‘en route’ to begin as early as by late-2021.

Besides, followed by the latest amendments in Tesla Inc application, the ministry said in a statement later last week that related regulatory authorities would single out a plan of action on whether the public would need to weigh in on amended plans considering the scale of changes, while a decision would more likely to be made in days, added the ministry.