Cupertino’s Apple Inc., Chinese manufacturers in talks on US car battery factory

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Cupertino’s Apple Inc., Chinese manufacturers in talks on US car battery factory

In the latest flashpoint of an un-scratchable itch among the US-based e-vehicle makers to domestically manufacture EV batteries, Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker Apple Inc has been in an advanced-stage talk with China’s CATL, a potential supplier for Tesla Inc., and BYD about supply of batteries for its slated e-vehicles, at least four people familiar with the subject-matter had unveiled on condition of anonymity given an upscaled sensitivity of the issue.

Aside from that, latest Apple Inc move to team up with Chinese EV battery makers to embark on a journey that in effect would create a domestic e-vehicle battery supply chain, followed media toplines that the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer had been constructing facilities in the United States for a potential EV battery supplier, however, an Apple Inc tie-up with Chinese EV battery makers would likely to meet with an upscaled political headwind.

Nevertheless, a press agency report published late on Tuesday had quoted two sources as saying that a potential deal between Apple alongside CATL and BYD, would be subject to regulatory approvals and the companies had yet to reach an accord over the financial terms of the deal.

Apple in talks to build domestic EV battery supply chain

On top of that, a senior official of Biden Administration had confirmed the feasibility of the press agency report late in the day. Meanwhile, citing that the United States’ largest corporate taxpayer Apple Inc was building facilities to create a home-grown EV battery supply chain, White House Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein said in an interview with a press agency, “My understanding is that Apple is talking about building advanced battery production factories here, here in the U.S.

That is completely consistent with what the president has talked about in terms of onshoring supply chains particularly in areas where we might grab global market share. ”