Washington’s Blue Origin sells off $28mn rocket trip ticket to travel with Bezos

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Washington’s Blue Origin sells off $28mn rocket trip ticket to travel with Bezos

On Saturday, Blue Origin, the Amazon.com Inc Chief Jeff Bezos’ space venture, had sold off a spaceship seat for $28 million in a live auction, picking up a winner who would join a space sightseeing trip next month with Jeff Bezos while completing a month-long bidding process for what would be the first human commercial space tour ever.

Besides, Saturday’s Blue Origin auction for a seat on a spaceship ride, which in effect would launch a new era of private commercial space tourism, had lasted only seven minutes, as within four minutes after opening the live phone auction, the bids began to reach beyond $20 million.

Nonetheless, the identity of the auction’s winner had yet to be disclosed, however, the likely ultra-wealthy space enthusiast who had purchased a $28-million ticket for the first ever private tour outside the Earth’s orbit, would be a part of a landmark event on July 20 when the Bezos-owned space company’s New Shepard booster from West Texas would launch its voyage beyond earth’s atmosphere.

Bezos had said in a video shortly before the final bidding, “To see the earth from space, changes you. It changes your relationship with this planet, with humanity”.

Blue Origin sells off $28 million spaceship ride

In point of fact, latest move from Blue Origin to begin the world’s first ever private space travel came forth as Amazon boss and Blue Origin founder Bezos, the world’s richest man having had a net asset worth of $190 billion to-date, alongside his fellow aspiring billionaire space enthusiasts such as Richard Branson and Tesla Chief Elon Musk’s SpaceX, had been wrestling to become the first business enterprise ever to launch an age of private commercial space tourism.