Seattle’s Amazon raises minimum pay in Germany to €12 per hour

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Seattle’s Amazon raises minimum pay in Germany to €12 per hour Inc., the Seattle, Washington-based world’s largest online retailer, said later last week that it would provide warehouse workers in Germany with an entry-level wage of €12 ($15) an hour, well above the country’s minimum hourly pay-out of €9.50 an hour.

However, the most dominant German workers’ union, Verdi, which had organized a number of protests in the country since 2013 over low wages alongside a poor working condition, had expressed sheer discontent over the latest pay hike, as a Verdi union official was quoted saying that the increase had been the least which the company could do after “earning a pretty penny in recent months” and the pay-raise fell well short of demands for many employees.

On top of that, the Seattle-based American multinational tech conglomerate Inc., whose net profit had swelled to $8.1 billion over Q1, 2021, remarking over a 200 per cent rise compared to a $2.5 billion scored at the same time a year earlier, had been facing off similar criticism around the globe apart from Germany, the online retail megalith’s second-largest market after the United States.

Amazon to raise minimum pay in Germany to €12 an hour

Aside from that, according to Inc statement released later last week, the pay-hike would be effective as early as from July 1 and entry-level could be as low as €11.30 an hour in some locations, though the pay-raise could be well above €12 per hour on other regions of the country.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Amazon in Germany was quoted saying following the announcement that all Amazon employees in Germany would receive a pay-raise, while Inc had said in a statement that further increases in hourly payments had been scheduled for the future.