Mountain View’s Google’s ad-tech business to face formal EU probe by year-end

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Mountain View’s Google’s ad-tech business to face formal EU probe by year-end

Alphabet Inc.-owned Google LLC., the world’s largest online advertising behemoth, often contemplated as one of the big four internet stocks alongside Amazon, Apple and Facebook, has been on the brisk of facing off its biggest regulatory probe as EU antitrust regulators were reportedly detailing a plan to open up a formal investigation into the Mountain View, California-headquartered tech tycoon’s digital advertising business, people familiar with the subject-matter had unveiled on Friday on condition of anonymity.

In point of fact, the latest move of EU antitrust regulators would stretch out a new legal tussle against Google LLC which had been fined as much as $9.8 billion on last decade over charges of blocking rivals in online advertisements, online shopping alongside usage of its patented Android OS.

On top of that, recent EU antitrust investigation into Google’s stance as an adviser, publisher, intermediaries alongside rivals would likely to go deeper than a French anti-trust legal battle concluded last week, suggested analysts.

Google’s ad units under fire as EU set to launch formal probe by end-2021

Alongside this, while the Google LLC’s online ad alongside network business would more likely to meet with heavy scrutiny in a formal EU antitrust lawsuit, the US Justice Department and a number of US states had sued the tech conglomerate last year over charges of abusing its market dominance in search ads.

Nevertheless, Google LLC had coffered up more than $147 billion in revenues from online advertisements last year with its ads on search engine, YouTube and Gmail accounting for a lion’s share of profits, while the search engine Goliath had logged about 16 per cent of its revenues from network businesses, technology of which has widely been used in many media companies to sell ads on their apps and websites.