Seattle’s Amazon AWS buys message encrypting firm Wickr to take on Microsoft Azure

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Seattle’s Amazon AWS buys message encrypting firm Wickr to take on Microsoft Azure Inc’s cloud computing arm, AWS (Amazon Web Services), had purchased a New York City-based American software company Wickr, a start-up much known for tis encrypted communication services having had wide-ranging secure messaging products such as Wickr Me, Wickr Pro, Wickr Ram and Wickr Enterprise, as employees continue to work from home, the Washington, Seattle-headquartered world’s No.

1 online retailer had unveiled on Friday. In point of fact, founded back in the 2012s by an American entrepreneur Nico Sell, Wickr has been proffering encrypted communication services by capitalizing a technology called as self-destructing messaging, while the company’s lucrative portfolio has had a number of financial services providers alongside gaming companies.

Nonetheless, the financial terms of the deal had yet to be disclosed.

Amazon to purchase message encrypting app Wickr

The latest Inc move, in tandem, to buy an encrypted messaging service provider Wickr, came against the backdrop of a protracted battle between Microsoft Corp’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS, while Amazon’s purchase of Wickr seemed to be aimed at taking on Microsoft Corp.’s cloud computing service Azure alongside communication app Team as the Seattle retailer’s AWS had lost multi-billion dollar Government contracts at least twice to Microsoft’s Azure over recent past.

On top of that, companies shifting towards a hybrid working environment with little signs of getting employees back into the offices in a near term, had prodded a number of tech tycoons to target businesses which were increasingly gearing up measures to protect their communications with business associates and workers across remote locations, eventually vindicating the latest move from Inc to pour fresh capital on a less-known start-up such as Wickr.

Meanwhile, underscoring the requirements of a high-security communication service at a pandemic era new normalcy, the Chief Information Security Officer at Amazon Web services, Stephen Schmidt said, “The need for this type of secure communications is accelerating”.