Russian Google Yandex rolls out fleet of e-scooters in Moscow streets

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Russian Google Yandex rolls out fleet of e-scooters in Moscow streets

Yandex NV, the Dutch-domiciled Russian multinational internet company, often dubbed as the Google of Russia, had launched an e-scooter rental service in Moscow on Wednesday in a bid to draw fresh liquids amid a ballooning demand-surge across the city, an auspicious eavesdropping on to a new source of revenues.

In point of fact, latest Yandex NV move to roll out an e-scooter rental service into Moscow, the Russ capital housing more than 12.5 million people, came forth at a Summer, while tens of thousands of people were looking to whizzing around the city’s parks and pavements following an ease of the pandemic-led restrictions.

Aside from that, Yandex had also been quoted saying in a statement earlier in the day that its e-scooter rental service would be available on ‘Yandex Go’ app, the Moscow-headquartered tech giant’s one-stop online outlet for booking ride-sharing and food delivery services among others.

Russian Google Yandex launches e-scooter rental service

In actuality, e-scooters had always been a common sight in the Russ Capital during Summer time, however, regulators had imposed a speed limit on e-scooters following a cascade of accidents involving electric scooters, which had limited e-scooter’s usage to curb out distances during heavy traffic.

Shares’ prices of Nasdaq-listed Yandex soared 1.53 per cent to wrap up the session at $71.83 per share following the announcement after climbing as much as 3 per cent in pre-market trading. Nevertheless, Yandex NV, the Moscow-based multinational internet company offering more than 70 services ranging from e-commerce to online advertisement to transportation, did not disclose the number of e-scooters it would be rolling out, while a spokesperson for the Russ tech megalith had declined to comment while being asked about the magnitude of investments it had made.