California’s Facebook, Twitter & Google sued by former US President Donald Trump

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California’s Facebook, Twitter & Google sued by former US President Donald Trump

On Wednesday, the former US President Donald Trump, 75, sued top-tier ad-tech giants such as Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet-owned Google LLC alongside their Chief Executives over accusations that the mega-cap tech conglomerates were unlawfully clamping down the conservative school of thoughts, dealing a hefty blow to the tech titans as they were facing off a flurry of lawsuits around the globe over a swathe of issues ranging from users’ privacy to online advertisement industry monopoly, court documents seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled.

On top of that, the lawsuit lodged in the US District court of Miami, had charged the Californian online behemoths of violating the rights of ‘freedom of speech,’ sworn under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

Following reveal of the lawsuits, speaking to the reporters on a news conference at his Bedminster golf course, Trump said, “We will achieve a historic victory for American freedom and at the same time, freedom of speech,” however, a spokesperson for Twitter had declined to comment over the subject-matter.

Twitter, Google, Facebook sued by ex-President Donald Trump

Aside from that, the former US President Donald Trump, whose Facebook and Twitter accounts had faced off a permanent ban later last year, had been planning to bring in a class action status for the lawsuits which if successful, would be representing the interests of other users of Google’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Alongside this, Trump had also filed three similar litigations against the Facebook Chief Zuckerberg, Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey and Google LLC CEO Sundar Pichai. Surprisingly, Trump’s lawsuit against the mega-cap tech Goliaths followed a litigation against Google LLC filed by 37 US States and District Attorney Generals.