ByteDance-owned TikTok to automatically remove content that violates policy


ByteDance-owned TikTok to automatically remove content that violates policy

TikTok, the ByteDance-owned Chinese small video sharing app, dubbed as Douyin in China, had issued a statement on Friday saying that the Chinese tech-conglomerate ByteDance-owned company would start off using more automation to remove contents that violate its policy guidelines.

In factuality, latest TikTok move came against the backdrop of a growing pressure into social media platforms likes of Facebook Inc from regulatory authorities over charges of an amplification of hate speech alongside misinformation across social networking platforms.

On top of that, TikTok had added in the statement that it begin to would automate the process of removal of contents which could violate its policy guidelines as early as over next few weeks, while the automatic content removal would initially focus on regulations that breach minor safety, adult nudity, violent and graphic content alongside illegal activities and regulated goods.

However, at this standpoint, users’ short videos uploaded into the TikTok’s platform face off a primary cross-examination through tech tools, while the technology tools flag any potential breach of policy measures and send the content to a safety team member who manually probes the content and remove it, if deemed necessary.

TikTok to automate content removal

Aside from that, TikTok was quoted saying in the statement that its latest move to further automate the content removal process, would help the safety teams identify major violations on contextual areas such as racial harassment and bullying alongside misinformation and loathsome behaviour.

Nonetheless, TikTok also added that it would send a warning for the first violation, however, in case of a frequent violation, a user account could be permanently banned from posting short videos into the platform.

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