Santa Clara’s Intel to build Qualcomm chips, aims to catch foundry rivals by 2025

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Santa Clara’s Intel to build Qualcomm chips, aims to catch foundry rivals by 2025

Intel Corp., the Santa Clara, California-headquartered one of few multinational chipmakers that develops and manufactures its own chips, had issued a statement last week saying that its factories would start off manufacturing chips for Qualcomm Inc, illustrating a strong sign of a revamp of its foundry business front that makes chips for other companies.

On top of that, Intel Corp had also laid out a track to stretch out its new foundry business aimed at obtaining a catch-up growth by 2025 to wrestle should-to-should with rivals Samsung Electronics Co Ltd alongside Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Aside from that, while Intel had finally begun to create chips for other companies, which usually is referred to foundry in chipmaking industry, as part of a broader push towards expansion, Apple Inc had started off making its own chips for MacBook, putting a large chunk of revenue source off the table for Intel Corp.

The California-based American multinational chipmaker also said in the past that Inc., the largest online retailer across the globe, would be one of the new customers at its foundry business, however, the American chipmaker had lost that deal to TSMC and Samsung, whose semiconductor foundry wings have been making chips for Intel rival AMD alongside Nvidia.

Intel claims would achieve foundry business crown by 2025

Apart from that, Intel Corp. had added in the statement that the chipmaker was brewing off an option to roll out five sets of chipmaking technologies over next four years and expecting to regain the industry crown by 2025, while Intel Chief Pat Gelsinger said in an interview with a press agency last week, “We're laying out a whole lot of details to The Street (investors) to hold us accountable”.