Bellevue’s T-Mobile breach impacts 53 mln customers as probe finds wider bearings

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Bellevue’s T-Mobile breach impacts 53 mln customers as probe finds wider bearings

T-Mobile US Inc., the Bellevue, Washington-based American wireless data carrier, majority-owned by German telecom giant Deutsche Telecom, said late on Friday that an ongoing probe into a latest breach of its server, hackers responsible in which had initially claimed to have compromised as many as 100 million users’ personal data and asked for 6 Bitcoin as ransom for 30 million users’ data adding the remainders were sold privately, could have accessed critical personal information of an additional 5.3 million customers, totalling the tally of entire casualties to more than 53 million.

However, latest statement from T-Mobile US Inc., the third-largest wireless data carrier in the United States, came against the backdrop of an earlier remark that said about 40 million of its former and prospective customers’ data had been breached in the attack.

Nonetheless, latest update on the ransomware attack came forth days after US FCC (Federal Communication Commission) had launched a formal investigation into the data breach, as T-Mobile US Inc.

said at its Friday’s statement that an additional 5.3 million customers had been impacted in the attack as beforementioned.

T-Mobile US Inc. data breach casualties hit 53 million existing customers

Apart from that, previously, T-Mobile US Inc had told in a statement that the breach of its server had compromised critical personal data including social security numbers, addresses, dates of births alongside phone numbers, however, the mobile operator rejected claims that accessed data had contained sensitive financial information such as payment data or credit card information.

Nevertheless, a group of T-Mobile US Inc customers had filed a class action lawsuit against the wireless data carrier late on Thursday in a Seattle Federal Court claiming damages and liabilities in the breach.