Deerfield’s Walgreens to raise minimum hourly wage to $15 for all stuff from October

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Deerfield’s Walgreens to raise minimum hourly wage to $15 for all stuff from October

Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., a retail pharmacy chain operator headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, had issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the United States’ second-largest pharmacy chain operator, founded back in the 1901s, would hike the minimum wage of all of its employees to $15 an hour as early as from October, as the 120-year-old drugstore chain turns out to be the latest in a string of US firms which had been vying to vent out a way to lure more people back in to work amid a latest surge in delta cases.

Aside from that, Walgreens had said in a statement that the wage hikes would take place in phases and would more likely to be completed by November next year. Nevertheless, latest Walgreens move to raise all of its workers’ minimum hourly payment to $15 an hour followed an identical decision from rival CVS Health, which also had hiked minimum hourly wages to $15 an hour effective from July next year.

Walgreens to raise minimum wages for all workers to $15/hour

More importantly, latest Walgreens move to hike minimum hourly wages came against a baleful backdrop in US labour market which had long been facing off a sheer shortage of workers amid a robust boost in demands, as many retailers remained fretted that they might have fallen well short of available workers during a busy holiday season ahead.

Meanwhile, followed by the announcement, Walgreens Chief Executive Roz Brewer said in a statement, “Investing in and rewarding our team members is not only the right thing to do, it's highly important to retaining and attracting a talented workforce.