Facebook targets potentially harmful real networks, aims to use rulebook against fake

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Facebook targets potentially harmful real networks, aims to use rulebook against fake

Facebook Inc., the Menlo Park, California-headquartered American multinational social media giant that owns four of top six internet services providers such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, had been working out a much stiffer approach to shut-in coordinated groups of real-user accounts engaged in harmful activities on its platform, while the social media tycoon would look to exploit the same stratagem what its security teams usually exercise to fend off fake accounts, the company had said in a statement on Friday.

In point of fact, if implemented, Facebook Inc’s latest move to take a more antagonistic approach against real-user accounts could have wide-ranging repercussions given the scale of scrutiny its platforms were facing off from global lawmakers over potential abuse of market dominance.

Besides, it remains to be seen how Facebook Inc had been planning to handle a raft of political alongside coordinated movements which were breaking its laws. However, the company said the new measure would allow its security teams to wholesale shutdown of networks engaged in influence operations, the same strategy widely used against fake accounts.

Facebook to shut-in real-user accounts that break its laws

Aside from that, Facebook Inc also had stressed that the new plans would take on groups of coordinated real accounts that systematically violate its laws through mass reporting, a widely used implication to falsely report a target content or an account in a bid to shut it down.

Going forward, Facebook said later this week that it would continue to execute the same network-level approaches having used to turn down fake accounts, for campaigns of real users that cause “coordinate social harm” or unrest on or off the platform.