Mountain View’s Google abuses Android dominance, says India’s anti-trust regulator

A two-year long probe of India's anti-trust regulator had found out that the world's No 1 internet services provider had been abusing its Android OS dominance in India

by Sourav D
Mountain View’s Google abuses Android dominance, says India’s anti-trust regulator

In what could be contemplated as the latest in a string of setbacks for Google LLC which had been met with a raft of anti-trust concerns all over the globe, a probe conducted by India’s anti-trust regulator had unveiled that the US-based world’s No 1 internet services provider had abused dominance of its Android OS in India, reports from a two-year-long investigation of India’s anti-trust regulator seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled on Saturday.

In point of fact, the probe’s findings had illustrated that the Mountain View, California-based tech conglomerate had exploited its “huge financial muscle” to illegally inflict wounds into competitors.

More importantly, addressing to Google LLC’s abuse of its Android OS., findings of a two-year long probe by CCI’s (Competition Commission of India) investigation unit had unfurled in a report dated back to June this year, “Alphabet Inc's Google reduced the ability and incentive of device manufacturers to develop and sell devices operating on alternative versions of Android”.

Nonetheless, a source familiar with the subject-matter had said that Google LLC had yet to receive a copy of the investigation report, however, as an inevitable repercussion, the Alphabet Inc-owned Californian tech behemoth was quoted saying followed by an unmasking of CCI report, “(Google)…looks forward to working with the CCI to demonstrate how Android has led to more competition and innovation, not less”.

Google LLC abused Android OS dominance in India

Aside from that, findings of the two-year long probe on Google LLC, had been the latest in a series of backlashes for the US-based tech mogul, which had already been facing off steep criticism alongside probes on payment apps and android television in India, while the tech giant was being investigated in the US and Europe over potential anti-trust concerns, too.

S. Korea, in tandem, had fined Google LLC a whopping $180 million for preventing a customized edition of Android this week. Meanwhile, a senior CCI official had said to a press agency that the investigation would more likely to lead to financial penalties for Google LLC., however, any punitive measure for the Californian tech mogul would be subject to appeals in India’s courts.

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