Huawei’s Meng leaves Canada after US accord on charges, detained Canadians head home

Huawei CFO Meng has been released from home detention after US prosecutors had reached an agreement to conclude bank fraud cases against her

by Sourav D
Huawei’s Meng leaves Canada after US accord on charges, detained Canadians head home

Huawei CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, flew to China on Friday after US prosecutors had reached an accord to conclude bank fraud cases against her, easing a potential brass tack of concern between the world’s first- and second-largest economies.

Aside from that, shortly after Meng was released from a home detention, where she had been detained more than two years with tracking device wrapping around her ankle, two Canadian executives who had been taken into custody as a repercussion of Meng’s arrest, were released from Chinese jails, too.

However, Beijing had repeatedly denied allegations that the arrests had been related. In point of fact, back in December 1, 2018, which happened to be the first day of a Sino-US meet over trade row, Meng had been arrested on US extradition request over accusations of bank frauds and misguiding bank authorities on transactions linked to a Hong Kong based tech firm that the Trump Administration had claimed to have sold off Huawei technologies to Tehran as a third-party, violating US sanctions on Iran.

Nevertheless, a nearly 1000-day long Meng extradition drama had become a focal point of discontent in an escalated trade spat between Beijing and Washington, while Chinese officials had reportedly hinted that the case must be scalped to help resolve a diplomatic stand-off.

Huawei CFO Meng released from home detention

The Years-long legal proceedings over extradition of Huawei’s Meng also had drawn steep criticism for a Biden Administration, as Beijing had reiterated multiple times that Washington had put one of its top companies and its executives at loggerheads over a global technology wrangling between the nations.

Besides, adding that the latest accord would only resolve fraud cases against Meng, acting US attorney in Brooklyn, Nicole Boeckmann, said, “Meng has taken responsibility for her principal role in perpetrating a scheme to defraud a global financial institution,” while the US DoJ (Department of Justice) said in a statement it was working out a trial against Huawei aimed at bringing in the case into court.

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