Seattle retailer Amazon’s UK arm to hire 20,000 temporary workers for Christmas prime

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Seattle retailer Amazon’s UK arm to hire 20,000 temporary workers for Christmas prime

On Tuesday, Inc., the Seattle, Washington-headquartered world’s No 1 online retailer, had issued a statement saying that Amazon UK had already started off hiring as many as 20,000 temporary positions aimed at covering up a chronic labour shortage ahead of an all-important holiday season that includes Black Friday, Christmas and New Year, becoming the latest in a string of big-league retailers like of Walmart Inc and Macy’s among others to literally engage in a rattling battle for temporary workers in a highly squeezed labour market.

On top of that, Amazon had added in a statement that the online retailer’s UK arm, which has 55,000 permanent UK employees, would recruit a roughly 20,000 temporary workers at its fulfilment centres, delivery stations alongside sort centres.

In tandem, in a separate statement, Amazon UK was quoted saying that pay-outs for new recruits would begin at a minimum of £10 an hour ($13.70), though Amazon UK also had hiked its wages to £11.10 per hour in several parts of the United Kingdom, which has been well in an alignment with a pay-hike allotted for Amazon UK’s permanent workers in June this year.

Amazon to hire over 20,000 temporary workers ahead of holiday season

Apart from that, the Seattle-based American multinational online retailer had said in the statement that the retailing industry behemoth had been on the lookout of people to deliver parcels during their spare times at a wage between £13 to £15 an hour.

Nevertheless, Latest Amazon UK decision to hire over 20,000 workers amid an already buckled up supplies menacing to thwart the play-offs in Black Friday and Christmas before New Year, followed a press agency report which had said on Monday that a raft of British warehouses had been laying off 30 per cent more this year to recruit staffs.