'Expo 2020 Dubai' ushers in with opulent opening ceremony

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'Expo 2020 Dubai' ushers in with opulent opening ceremony

Expo 2020 Dubai, the first global-scale fair in a post-pandemic new normalcy, had been set in motion on Thursday with a lavish opening ceremony covering fireworks, music alongside spread of a strong message on power of global collaborations to fortify a more sustainable future.

Headline figures entertaining the opening ceremony, which was shown in public places across the resource-rich United Arab Emirates, had been Saudi singer Mahammad Abu, British singer Ellie Goulding, Italian tenor singer Andrea Bocelli alongside Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

If truth is to be spoken, as fossil-fuel resources were replenishing quicker-than-anticipated in UAE, the pandemic-battered nation’s tourism, trade and business hub, Dubai, has been looking to flare up its economy by alluring as many as 25 million business personnel and tourists to visit the fair, which happens to the first in any Mideast countries and had been brought into being ab initio over a 1.7 square miles (4.3 square kilometres) of desert.

On top of that, several countries alongside companies had reportedly been awaiting the Expo, which was delayed due to an ongoing pandemic crisis, largely aimed at fleshing up trade and investment.

Dubai Expo 2020 gets under way after lavish opening ceremony

Apart from that, the entire Expo site would be opened from Friday to a swathe of business personnel ranging from big-league retailers to start-ups to individual traders from more than 200 countries.

Meanwhile, expressing an out-and-out optimism over Dubai Expo 2020 that got the show on the road on Thursday under a banner “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future,” Expo 2020 Dubai’s Director General Reem Al Hashimy said to a press agency reporter, “We are quite confident...that by being responsible in how we manage the situation with COVIV but also in how we put forward an exciting program for visitors, we will hopefully be able to thread the needle by opening up but remaining at the same time conservative and keep public safety first and foremost”.

Before the onset of pandemic outbreak, consultancy firm EY Forecast had projected that the Expo 2020 Dubai, which would span over six months, would more likely to account for a 1.5 per cent of United Arab Emirate’s gross domestic product.