Palo Alto’s Tesla boss Musk says Berlin EVs could roll off production lines in Oct.

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Palo Alto’s Tesla boss Musk says Berlin EVs could roll off production lines in Oct.

Elon Musk, Chief Executive of Tesla Inc., the world’s largest automaker by market valuation, said on Saturday that the first cars rolling off production lines from its Berlin Gigafactory would come as early as by end-November adding a mass-scale production from the factory could take-longer-than anticipated given an upscaled supply chain constraint alongside a lingering labour shortage around the Europe.

In point of fact, speaking at Tesla Gigafactory in Germany which is situated at the suburbs of Berlin, e-vehicle industry trailblazer Elon Musk had expressed a sheer optimism to obtain a go-ahead signal to launch production lines over coming weeks, while the Tesla boss also had added that production volumes initially could total to 5,000 or “hopefully 10,000” vehicles per day and Berlin Gigafactory would more likely to roll out a mass-scale production line for EV batteries by end-2022.

Meanwhile, at a festival at Berlin plant site, Musk said to a jubilant audience on Saturday, “Starting production is nice, but volume production is the hard part. It will take longer to reach volume production than it took to build the factory”.

Nevertheless, a latest leg of discussion on local disputes over the site’s safety issue would close by October 14 and thereafter, the German Environment Ministry is expected to take an inclusive decision.

Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory could launch productions in coming weeks

Aside from that, Tesla Chief Musk, who had recently announced a major move to shift the e-vehicle maker’s HQs from California to Texas, also fended off criticisms against the factory saying Berlin Gigafactory would use ‘relatively little’ volume of water and that battery cell production sites were made entirely “sustainable”.

If truth is to be spoken, a few German fundamentalist local residents alongside environmental groups had been venting out caustic cynicism over Musk’s approach to build a Tesla factory in the suburbs of Berlin what they often dubbed as flies in German culture.