Nestlé adds plant-based egg and shrimp on menu in bid to tap into vegan growth

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Nestlé adds plant-based egg and shrimp on menu in bid to tap into vegan growth

Nestlé SA, the Vevey-headquartered Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation, had been brewing off an option to roll out plant-based egg and shrimp, which the Swiss food industry mogul had claimed to have closely imitated the taste, nutritional value and performance of original eggs and shrimps, suggesting a sagacious move aimed at broadening its portfolio in a fast-growing vegan food substitutes market.

On top of that, Nestlé SA, the largest food company across the globe by revenue and other metrics since 2014, had told in a statement later this week that its plant-based egg substitutes, labelled as Garden Gourmet vEGGie in Europe, would contain omega-3 fatty acid alongside soya protein, while it also could be eaten in different forms such as a scrambled version similar to original eggs alongside an ingredient in a frittata, cakes and cookies among others.

Besides, Nestlé’s vegan-based shrimp, components of which the Swiss food giant did not disclose, came forth nearly a year after it had launched a plant-based Tuna substitute.

Nestlé to launch plant-based eggs and shrimps

Concomitantly, adding that the Swiss multinational food conglomerate’s plant-based meat substitutes such as sausages and burgers had been witnessing a double-digit sales growth, Nestlé Chief Executive Mark Schneider said in a press meet with the reporters in London, “It's also not limited to one particular age group or one particular demographic group.

This is really getting mainstream and broad based”. However, Nestle’s annual net sales from plant-based products accounted for just $216 million or 200 million Swiss Franc in 2020, a tiny bits and pieces of its overall sales of 84 billion Swiss Franc last year.