Cupertino’s Apple Inc likely to slash iPhone 13 production due to chip crunch

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Cupertino’s Apple Inc likely to slash iPhone 13 production due to chip crunch

Apple Inc., the Cupertino, California-based world’s most valuable company, would likely to fall short of its target to manufacture as many as 90 million iPhones by end-2021 due to a global-scale chip shortage, a Bloomberg News report had unmasked late on Tuesday citing unnamed people familiar with the subject-matter.

Aside from that, latest Bloomberg News report had quoted sources as saying that the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer, the world’s No 1 technology company since January 2021, would more likely to trim production by 10 million units, as major Apple Inc chip suppliers such as Broadcom Inc alongside Texas Instruments had been scuffling to vent out a way to deliver critical components in context of a global-scale chip shortage.

In point of fact, the caustic impacts of a global-scale chip shortage which Apple Inc has been weathering, had emerged out of the blue and engulfed auto sectors earlier this year, as a pandemic-led upswing in demands of electronics goods had reportedly eaten up a lion’s share of raw materials required to manufacture chips last year.

Apple to slash iPhone 13 outputs by 10 million units

On top of that, chip shortages had resulted a mass-scale trimming of auto outputs across the United States over second quarter of 2021 with S. Korea’s Samsung Electronics having been the first to report that a staggering chip shortage had begun to impact production lines of its flash memory chips.

Later, other smartphone makers such as China’s home-grown Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi along with Apple Inc had reported that the smartphone sector came across a global-scale chip shortage, too. As an immediate market repercussion to latest Bloomberg News report, shares’ prices of Apple Inc faltered as much as 1.33 per cent on post-market trading after rounding off the day 0.91 per cent lower to $141.51 a share with chipmakers such as Texas Instruments alongside Broadcom both tumbling more than 1.0 per cent.

While being asked over the issue, a spokesperson for Apple Inc had declined to comment.