Mascot’s Qantas expects return to 100% pre-pandemic domestic capacity by January

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Mascot’s Qantas expects return to 100% pre-pandemic domestic capacity by January

Qantas Airways Ltd., the Mascot-based century-old flagship carrier of Australia, had been expecting a return of 100 per cent of its pre-pandemic capacity as early as by January 2022, as Australia’s state borders had reportedly opened up followed by an acceleration in vaccination drive against the pandemic contagion, Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, voicing an out and out optimism over a latest move from the Aussie Government of PM Scott Morrison to open state borders amid a sheer nosedive in new pandemic cases, speaking in an industry conference held by Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd., Qantas Airways’ Joyce said, “It looks like by Christmas we will have every state open except for Western Australia, and Western Australia will open up domestically hopefully early in the new year, we assume around February”.

In factuality, latest upbeat comments from Joyce, which would likely to add a silver lining to global aviation industry that reportedly had borne the heaviest brunt in pandemic-led fiscal upheavals, came forth as flights between Sydney and Melbourne, the busiest air route in Australia, would more likely to ramp up in November, preliminary data from bookings had unveiled.

On top of that, Qantas’ flights to and from Los Angeles and London, would get back to flying as early as on November 1, eventually heightening up bookings further for the largest airline in Australia.

Qantas expects to reach 100% capacity to pre-pandemic level by Jan.

Apart from that, recent remarks from Qantas Airways, which several analysts had branded as an over-exaggeration as many parts of Asia alongside Magnesia had still been grappling with a rise in delta cases, came forth as travel restrictions between Sydney and Melbourne had been lifted on Wednesday, while Victoria had opened up its border for New South Wales residents amid a speed-up in vaccination drives.

Qantas Airways Ltd., which is currently operating at a 45 per cent capacity compared to its pre-pandemic levels, would launch international passenger flights to the United States alongside United Kingdom from November 1.