US Suppliers receive licenses to export $103bn worth of American tech to Huawei, SMIC

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US Suppliers receive licenses to export $103bn worth of American tech to Huawei, SMIC

American suppliers of Chinese telco industry behemoth, Huawei Technologies alongside China’s leading chipmaker SMIC had received export licenses to supply them a jawdropping $103 billion worth of US-borne technology and goods, while licenses to supply American technology & goods to Huawei and SMIC would remain valid between November and April despite their attendance on a US trade blacklist, a document seen by a press agency reporter had unveiled earlier on Friday, stoking uproars from Republican lawmakers while illustrating a dubious Biden Administration move to sway away from Donald Trump’s trade row with China that analysts claimed had already costed the United States an expensive battle over global tech supremacy.

On top of that, according to documents seen by a press agency reporter, around 113 licenses to export $61 billion worth of US-borne tech and goods to Huawei had been approved, while SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp) suppliers had been approved to ship a roughly $42 billion worth of American tech products.

More importantly, the documents to export US-borne technologies to SMIC and Huawei, applications for which had been dated back to May this year according to US Commerce Department, also had unenveloped that 9 out of 10 SMIC suppliers had received permissions to ship goods and technology, while about 69 per cent applications from Huawei suppliers had received a go-ahead signal.

US approves $103bn worth of technology-good exports to Huawei & SMIC

Nevertheless, latest set of documents came into light after US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee had voted to grant a request from a leading Republican Michael McCaul to reveal the data late on Thursday.

The documents are expected to be published soon. Meanwhile, as the latest Biden Administration move to ease tension with Beijing amid a steep shortage of raw materials alongside chips, had stoked a barrage of baleful political uproars from Republicans, Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator, was quoted saying followed by the voting proceedings that the US President Joe Biden must explain why Huawei and SMIC suppliers had been greenlighted to export US tech and goods.