Biden signs off $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law

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Biden signs off $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law

On Monday, at a White House ceremony, the US President Joe Biden had signed off the long-touted ‘once-in-a-generation’ $1-trillion infrastructure bill into a law following weeks-long bipartisan efforts from Democrats and Republicans amid a deeply divided US Congress.

In factuality, the hard-fought trillion-dollar influx of fresh capital into the US financial system comes into effect to engineer new jobs across the country through disbursing billions of dollars to local alongside state Governments, largely aimed at a sprawling fixation of decaying bridges and roads alongside an expansion of broadband internet connections across millions of American households.

Though, the ceremony to sign off the bill into a law, which was taken place at the South Lawn of White House in presence of a large crowd, has been an utterly rare moment, while US Congress members of both parties were found to have stood together and celebrated the bipartisan movement.

More importantly, the US President Joe Biden whose approval rating had tumbled to a teetering 34.0 per cent from a 58.0 per cent in March due to his mishandling of economic alongside geo-political issues, had been greeted with faint chants of “Joe, Joe, Joe” from parts of the crowd while stepping towards the microphone.

Biden signs off $1 trillion infrastructure bill into a law

Meanwhile, emphasizing on a bipartisan effort that helped the bill, which has still been mired with sheer discontent, pass through both US Senate and US House of Representatives, Biden said, “Despite the cynics, Democrats and Republicans can come together and deliver results,” adding that the trillion-dollar injection would be a ‘blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America’.

Besides, a jubilant Biden added in his deadpanned speech, “Too often in Washington, the reason we don’t get things done is because we insist on getting everything we want. With this law, we focused on getting things done”.