Ottawa’s Shopify Inc records Black Friday sales up by 21.0 per cent

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Ottawa’s Shopify Inc records Black Friday sales up by 21.0 per cent

Shopify Inc., the 12-year-old Ottawa-headquartered Canadian multinational e-commerce platform, had recorded a $2.9 billion in worldwide sales over Black Friday this year, up about 21 per cent compared to 2020, the Canadian platform for online stores and retail point-of-sales had unveiled in a statement on Saturday.

On top of that, Shopify Inc had added that the US cities of New York and Los Angeles alongside London among others, had been logged as the top-selling sites, while accessories along with apparels made up the largest bulk of top-selling items.

Aside from that, Shopify said in the statement that it had financed more than 23,000 tons of carbon removal while delivering products during 2021 Black Friday as a part of its move to counter carbon emissions.

Shopify Black Friday sales up 21 per cent

In factuality, latest upsurge in Shopify Black Friday sales came against the backdrop of an identical retailing industry scenario in the United States with Walmart alongside Target Corp led the tally of sales volumes.

Nevertheless, more importantly, both Walmart and Target Corp had witnessed a notable uptick in online sales this year, as shoppers preferred to stay at home, while both of the retailer’s latest addition to ‘buy online’ and ‘pick-up-at-the-stores’ had attained immense popularity.

Concomitantly, Shopify Inc also had benefitted from a sharp shoot-up in online traffics, while a number of brick-and-mortar retailers had botched to score a higher sales volume with profit margins tumbling sharply in context of an ongoing supply chain crisis.

While Shopify Inc had enjoyed immense popularity as a platform to build online marketplace since its inception, sellers at Shopify’s platform had reportedly piled up products much earlier than its rivals, which in effect had helped the retailer record a substantial scale of pick-up in sales, suggested analysts.

Besides, media headlines underlining discovery of a new pandemic contagion variant, Omicron, had pushed the shoppers online, too, and many buyers had reportedly purchased even Christmas gifts in Black Friday over worries that a sustenance in supply chain crisis might empty up retailers’ shelves much earlier-than-anticipated.