Huawei shutdown could hurt 5G development, China’s envoy to EU

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Huawei shutdown could hurt 5G development, China’s envoy to EU

The China’s envoy to the EU had warned that an elimination of Chinese tech tycoon, Huawei could curb the development of 5G mobile networks, a Financial Times report revealed on Sunday, the 27th of January, 2019. In an interview with the Financial Times, the China’s Ambassador, Zhang Ming said, "Efforts to limit involvement of Chinese technology in upcoming 5G projects in Europe might bring serious consequences to the global economic and scientific co-operation”, as quoted in a Reuters report."

The comments came at a time of geo-political turbulence, as the Canada’s envoy to China was ousted due to making comments, which favored former Huawei CFO, Ms. Meng, who has now been under house arrest in Canada on US extradition request over the allegation of misleading financial organizations on Huawei’s tie-up with disputed tech-companies, like Skycorp which sold Hewlett Packard tech devices to Iran despite US sanctions.

Since the United States alongside, its allies had been rattling Huawei operations all over the world, a number of western governments, along with Australian and New Zealand had barred the use of Huawei devices over allegations of espionage on behalf of Beijing.

While France and Germany had also been investigating the accusations, the US government had asked all of its universities and research facilities to get rid of Huawei devices and warned that, any use of Huawei devices would result in a nullified funding.

However, Huawei, world’s largest network equipment provider and a pioneer to 5G networking technology, had denied all of the claims, saying that their network had always been the top priority and they had never even been asked for any kind of espionage, by any government.