Miami’s Royal Caribbean bookings taking a hit amid growing Omicron caution

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Miami’s Royal Caribbean bookings taking a hit amid growing Omicron caution

Royal Caribbean Group, the Miami, Florida-headquartered American multinational cruise holding company incorporated in Liberia, had issued a statement earlier on Thursday saying that the cruise operator had been weathering a withering drop in bookings as new year holiday cancellations surged at a breakneck pace after the US CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) had cautioned against cruise travels.

If truth is to be spoken, followed by an acceleration in vaccination campaign earlier this year, US cruise lines had been gradually resuming operations since mid-2021, though an unprecedented scale of upsurge in Omicron cases raised calls for a momentary ban on cruise travels, eventually hitting clients’ demand.

Nonetheless, so far, Royal Caribbean had ferried over 1.1 million travellers since late-June 2021, while only 1,745 of them had been tested positive for pandemic contagion and 41 travellers required hospitalization. Meanwhile, adding that pandemic cases were rising in the cruises, Royal Caribbean’s Chief Medical Officer, Calvin Johnson said, “Our case count has spiked, but the level of severity is significantly milder”.

Royal Caribbean shares rise 2% as it sees increase in bookings over 2022

Nonetheless, despite a temporary drawdown in bookings, shares’ prices of Royal Caribbean jumped over 2 per cent in pre-market trading following a statement that said the cruise operator had been witnessing a meteoric rise in bookings over second half of 2022, as the United States had diversified its vaccination programs including inoculation for child and teen-agers alongside an introduction of booster jab.

Aside from that, Pfizer Inc had received US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for in-house use of its pandemic oral Rx, which in effect had fleshed up travellers’ morale. Nonetheless, shares’ prices of Royal Caribbean had closed out the day’s Wall Street 1.11 per cent lower to $77.35 apiece.