EU witnesses first annual decline in Champagne exports in decades

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EU witnesses first annual decline in Champagne exports in decades

On Friday, data from Eurostat had unfurled that the 26-member bloc’s sparkling wine exports had witnessed their first annual declines in more than a decade, as a steep drop in champagne sales had weighed heavily on producers, however, the bloc had reported an upswing in prosecco and cava sales.

In point of fact, latest Eurostat data underscoring a sharp decline in champagne sales came against the backdrop of a pandemic-battered 2020, when most restaurants and bars were closed due to mandatory restrictions on movements.

Adding further holocaust, a rapid rise in pandemic cases later this year, which is thought to have made the European Union a new epicentre of the pandemic outbreak, coupled with an outbreak of Omicron - the most contagious form of pandemic variant so far - had dampened champagne sales further in 2021.

EU Champagne exports see annual decline for first time in decades

According to data from Eurostat, Champagne had borne the heaviest brunt with sales of long-cherished French sparkling wine dropped over 20 per cent to 66 million litres compared to a reading of 84 million litres on 2019, mostly catalysed by a 6 per cent decline in EU exports of sparkling wine to rest of the world last year.

Apart from that, overall EU exports of sparkling wine dropped to 494 million litres in fiscal 2020 compared to a pre-pandemic peak of 528 million litres registered in 2019. Nonetheless, prosecco exports outside the EU fell marginally to 205 million litres in fiscal 2020 compared to a 207 million litres recorded in 2019.

Against the cohorts, Spain’s Cava had reported more than a 10 per cent increase in exports to 58 million litres in fiscal 2020. According to an estimate of producers’ group CIVC, total global champagne sales had been slumped by a whopping 18 per cent by volume in 2021.