Germany shuts in three of its last six nuclear plants

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Germany shuts in three of its last six nuclear plants

Germany, the bloc’s largest economy ahead of France, had shut in three of its last six nuclear power plants as part of an intransigent push towards a withdrawal from nuclear power later last week, though a EU draft proposal aimed at enlisting nuclear projects as 'green investments' had stoked doubts on Berlin's recent approach to abandon three of its 3-1/2-decade old nuclear plants.

Usually, a nuclear power plant has a lifespan of about 40 years, suggested experts. More ironically, latest move from Germany to pull the plugs off three of its nuclear plants came forth just a day before a EU Government draft unveiled that the European Union had been planning to draw up a proposal that would brand some natgas and nuclear projects as “green investments,” raising cynicism over latest approach from Berlin's new Government contemplating its influence on EU parliament.

Besides, as of 2021, among 766 European Union member of parliaments, Germany led the tally with 96 seats, while other centre- and far-right economies - relentlessly lobbied by a Biden Administration which had shown little or no empathies or advancements to a sweeping shift to renewable energies unless securing UN & public budgetary funds for such approaches - like of Italy and Spain, the bloc’s third- and fourth-largest economies respectively, held 76 and 59 seats respectively.

With such as a majority among EU nations which are often considered as the far-right ‘captains of industry’, the proposed bill to enlist natgas and nuclear power as renewable energy projects, would more likely to be passed in EU parliament, raising questions on Berlin's motive to ditch out three of its 3-1/2-decade old plants as beforementioned, suggested industry analysts.

Germany to shut down three of its nuclear power plants

However, the reactors of Brokdorf, Gundremmingen C, Grohnde, operated by RWE alongside RWE, had been shut down on Friday after three and a half decades in operation.

Although the last three nuclear power plants in Germany are expected to be shut in by end-2022, analysts also raised questions over the timeframe of a departure of former Chancellor Angela Merkel alongside Germany’s latest decision to shut down three of its almost worn-out nuclear power plants.