Louisville's KFC to launch Beyond Meat fried ‘Chicken’ across US on Jan 10

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Louisville's KFC to launch Beyond Meat fried ‘Chicken’ across US on Jan 10

KFC, the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s headquartered on Louisville, Kentucky, had issued a statement late on Tuesday saying that Yum Brand Inc's KFC restaurants would start selling Beyond Meat’s plant-based fried “chicken” across the US as early as from January 10 for a limited period of time, lifting Beyond Meat Inc’s shares’ prices as much as 9 per cent in after-market trading.

On top of that, followed by statement from the Louisville-based American multinational fast food restaurant chain, that, the Yum’s most high-profile brand, KFC, would begin to sell Beyond Meat’s vegan-based fried “chicken,” shares’ prices of the LA-based vegan diet maker jumped as much as 9.06 per cent to $67.20 apiece in post-market trading after winding down the day’s Wall Street 5.01 per cent lower.

Nevertheless, KFC, which had 22,621 holdings across 150 countries as of December 2019, had been testing Beyond Meat’s vegan-based chicken products since August 2019. Besides, earlier last year, Yum and Beyond Meat had announced a global partnership accord, under the terms of which Beyond Meat would deliver plant-based items for Yum’s KFC, Taco Bell alongside Pizza Hut restaurant brands “over next several years.

KFC to start off selling Beyond Meat fried “chicken” from January 10

Aside from that, latest announcement from KFC to launch Beyond Meat’s vegan-based fried “chicken” from January 10 for a limited period of time came forth as a number of major fast-food chains across the globe had been vying to vent out a way to seal off partnership deals with vegan-based food manufacturers amid growing demands of plant-based “meat” products among health conscious consumers.

According to the KFC statement, Beyond Meat Fried “Chicken” would be rolled out from a tag of $6.99 in most restaurants across the United States.