US hybrid car sales hit record highs on 2021 as Toyota leads the bents in trend

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US hybrid car sales hit record highs on 2021 as Toyota leads the bents in trend

On Friday, industry data had unveiled that the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles had archived record sales in the United States last year despite growing spotlights on all-electric vehicles. If truth is to be spoken, with the keen of industry trailblazer Tesla Inc alongside its local rival such as Ford Motor Co pushing harder for an increase in electric vehicle deliveries, Asia automakers had silently boosted up their production lines of hybrid cars and more Americans appeared to have eschewed all-electric vehicles due to their higher prices, while a lack of charging stations alongside limited driving range had added to further strains, suggested analysts.

Nonetheless, Tesla Inc. had scored a sixth straight quarter of record deliveries on Q4, 2021.

US hybrid car sales leap 76 per cent in 2021

On top of that, according to data from a London-based data analytics firm Wards Intelligence, hybrid vehicle sales in the United States had jumped as much as 76 per cent last year to 801,550 units compared to a year earlier, while the reading accounted for a 5 per cent of entire US light vehicle sales, marking off a major triumph for hybrid car makers on a temporary basis as their rival EV makers had reportedly been pouring billions of dollars in R&D with an Eagle’s eye view on long-term prospects.

Apart from that, Wards Intelligence data also had unveiled that US sales of electric vehicles climbed 83 per cent to 434,879 units last year compared to a year earlier, accounting for a 3 per cent of entire passenger car sales in the United States.

Nevertheless, Toyota Motor Corp had reported record hybrid car sales in the US, topping the United States’ No 1 conventional carmaker General Motors.