Santa Clara chipmaker Intel launches graphics card chips to take on Nvidia


Santa Clara chipmaker Intel launches graphics card chips to take on Nvidia

Later last week, Intel Corp, the Santa Clara, California-headquartered semiconductor industry giant, had issued a statement saying that the maker of x86 microprocessors, the chips which are being used in most personal computers, had begun to ship new graphics cards in a bid to take on Nvidia, the graphics chip maker that has long been dominating PC Gaming industry, marking off a new effort from Intel Corp in many years.

Apart from that, the world’s largest chipmaker by revenue, Intel Corp., added in the statement that its Arc graphics chips would help game contents look more realistic in comparison to other graphics card makers. On top of that, latest move from Intel Corp came against the backdrop of a sharp uptick in personal computer gaming over past couple of years, as a widespread adoption of work-at-home culture had reportedly been driving the sales of high-end gaming computers.

In the latest flashpoint of an amelioration in gaming industry amid pandemic-led restrictions, Nvidia graphics card sales had soared as much as 29 per cent to $9.8 billion in 2021 compared to a year earlier.

Intel unmasks new graphics card chips

Aside from that, speaking on last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Intel Corp officials were quoted saying that the semiconductor industry mogul had sealed off deals with a number of personal computer makers, under which the Santa Clara-based chipmaker would deliver graphics card chips in fifty different models.

Nonetheless, earlier last week. Nvidia was quoted saying that more than 160 PC makers had fostered its latest graphics chip model for PC gaming. Dell Technologies, Lenovo Group Ltd alongside Samsung Electronics Co Ltd had been among the top-tier PC makers that would be offering Intel Corp’s graphics cards.

Following the announcement, Intel Corp shares’ prices shelved as much as 3.47 per cent in weekly gains, wrapping up the week at $53.44 apiece.