Airbus outstrips Boeing with 611 deliveries in 2021, retains industry crown

Airbus SE retains the global aviation manufacturing industry crown for a third straight year in a row

by Sourav D
Airbus outstrips Boeing with 611 deliveries in 2021, retains industry crown

Airbus SE, the Leiden, Netherland-headquartered European flagship aircraft carrier manufacturer which had been a focal point in a US-EU trade row over airlines subsidiary dispute that eventually had prompted WTO (World Trade Organization) to issue a decree to add additional levies on each other’s products, had retained the global aviation industry crown for the third straight year in a row, the European planemaker had said in a statement on Monday.

In point of fact, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, Airbus SE, had supplied 611 jets in 2021, outstripping the US-based low-cast carrier maker Boeing Co by a substantial margin that had yet to recover from a mass-scale grounding of its best-selling 737 MAX back in 2019 following two plane crashes in less than six months which had been associated with a glitch in the planes’ autopilot software.

More importantly, as Boeing Co had delivered only 302 aircrafts over first eleven months of 2021, latest Airbus SE delivery numbers had provided the European planemaker with an unshakable lead over Boeing Co.

Nevertheless, delivery numbers are contemplated as a revenue-measuring benchmark in aircraft manufacturing industry.

Airbus SE delivers 611 jets in 2021 versus Boeing Co’s 302 jets

Aside from that, Boeing Co’s European rival also had sold off as many as 771 airplanes, though the figures were downsized to 507 on an adjusted basis after cancellations, while Boeing Co’s sales figure stood at 457 after cancellations.

Nonetheless, Boeing Co might add a December sale of fifty 737 Max to Allegiant Air into the tally, which in effect would place both plane-makers on same footings. However, followed by the Airbus SE report, shares’ prices of the Amsterdam-listed aircraft maker having had 127,814 employees, closed mostly unchanged at €117.92 apiece.

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