Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rubberstamps launch deal with Canada’s Telesat

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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rubberstamps launch deal with Canada’s Telesat

The Rocket company owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, an American technology entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor, Blue Origin had signed an agreement with Canadian Telesat in order to launch, a slice of a satellite constellation, targeted at offering high-speedy internet access to business and governments globally, the company announced on Thursday, the 31st of January, 2019.

In fact, this particular contract had unveiled an opportunity to Blue Origin and added an important customer to the Blue Origin’s manifest, as Jeff Bezos’ space venture had been vying to grab a share of the lucrative space launch service market, with its New Glenn rocket planned for 2021, which has still been in a developmental phase.

Concomitantly, the Telesat, a space & satellite technology entrepreneur, backed by Loral Space & Communication Inc. had said in October, 2018, that, it had successfully conducted the first-ever live test of in-flight broadband using a satellite currently placed in low-earth orbit.

The company has been aiming at 2022 to introduce its broadband services through a collection of nearly 300 satellites. According to the company, the Blue Origin’s rocket would be propelling on an undisclosed segment of the satellite group over a number of launches, in order to sail a proper supervision and assembling, if required.

Telesat said in a statement on Thursday, Jan. 31st, ”Telesat’s network will accelerate 5G expansion, bridge the digital divide with fiber-like high speed services into rural and remote communities, and set new levels of performance for commercial and government connectivity. ”