Boeing turns bionic to mingle more Dreamliners

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Boeing turns bionic to mingle more Dreamliners

Boeing Co., the world’s largest plane maker had been turning on to a new type of workers, half human, half machine, in order to reach their long-sought target of stirring out 14 787 Dreamliners each month. The Boeing Co.

had been working on equipping their mechanics with exoskeletons in order to increase their strength and speed. The high-tech suit for the mechanics would also reduce the fatigue level on repetitive tasks like overhead drilling.

While commenting on the Boeing Co.’s super bio suits, a Boeing associate who previously had worked on designing NASA spacesuits, Christopher Reid had been quoted saying during a factory tour, that, they had the capability of a robot and the intelligence of a human melded together.

At the Boeing factories in South Carolina and Washington, the world’s largest plane maker had also been planning to deploy Bluetooth enabled wrenches, that would signal whether a machinist applied the correct torque to a nut.

The plane maker had also introduced a self-driving working platform to save time during assembling aircrafts, multiple people familiar with the technologies mentioned. More crucially, such type of technologies would allow the US plane manufacturer to accelerate their 787 Dreamliner production to 14 aircrafts per month, from earlier 12.

The Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Co., Dennis Muilenburg announced on Friday that the preliminary production rate had been changed on last Wednesday, Jan 30th.