Tesla starts off cheaper Model 3 car variant sales in China

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Tesla starts off cheaper Model 3 car variant sales in China

The US electric car maker, Tesla Inc. said on Friday, February the 1st, 2019, that they would start taking orders in China from Friday (February 1st) for a lower-priced version of their Model 3 cars, as the EV maker had been hankering on a sales boost in China, which was badly wounded by the trade friction between Beijing and Washington.

The California based Electric Vehicle maker made a statement on Friday (February 1st, saying that the Chinese customers were allowed to place order for a rear-wheel drive, long range, Model 3 variant, the price of which would start at $64,300 (4,33,000 Yuan).

Before the announcement of launching a new model 3 variant in China, the starting price of an all-wheel drive, long range, Model 3 in China had been 4,99,000 Yuan. Nevertheless, Tesla said earlier last month that they would be starting to deliver Model 3 cars to their customers in China from March.

At this moment, Tesla imports al of the Model 3 cars it plans to sell in China, however, the EV maker had been planning of building a Shanghai factory, which would only manufacture the Model 3 vehicles at the initial phase.

Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk, said on a post earnings call on last Wednesday (Jan. 30th), “It’s very important to get those cars, especially to China, as soon as possible. We hope the trade negotiations go well, but it’s not clear.

But we need to get them there while there’s sort of a de facto - sort of a truce on the tariff war. ”