Trump to meet Jinping to try to seal a trade deal, presses report progress

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Trump to meet Jinping to try to seal a trade deal, presses report progress

Later on, Thursday, the 31st of January, 2019, the US President Donald Trump said that he would meet the Chinese President Xi Jinping soon to seal a rational tariff deal, as the US president, alongside his top negotiators who took part in the three-day-long tariff talk (Tuesday to Thursday), expressed significant scale of optimism.

While spearing at the White House, during a meeting with the leader of Chinese delegate, Vice premier, Liu He, the US president had been quoted saying that he was optimistic that the two largest economic superpowers of the world could reach “the biggest deal ever made”, remaining as exaggerative as usual.

Over the Chinese soil, China’s official news agency, Xinhua reported that the Chinese trade delegates had made a statement, saying that the talks made significant progress. Although, no specific dates of a meeting with Xi were announced, yet a Wall Street report revealed Yesterday (Jan.

31st), that the China would be inviting Trump in Beijing to meet Xi Jinping over the next leg of trade talks in March. Despite shimmering optimism over the tariff talks, the deep differences between the two nations had not yet been resolved, as, when China proffered to purchase more US goods, citing “not enough”, the United States pressed more on the Intellectual property transfers and impendence of US firms doing business in China.