GSMA considers crisis meeting on excluding Huawei from critical markets

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GSMA considers crisis meeting on excluding Huawei from critical markets

The Mobile communication industry governing body, GSMA, had proposed its members to discuss the potential possibilities of excluding the Chinese Network Vendor, Huawei technologies from the critical markets, in the wake of a rattling battle between United States and Huawei, although concerns had been raised that, excluding Huawei from critical markets could backfire on the network operators and the 5G network development could have significantly impaired.

Sources in Brussels with knowledge regarding this issue had been quoted saying on Saturday, February the 1st, 2019, that the European Commission would soon be weighing a de facto ban on Huawei’s 5G network equipment for next-gen mobile networks in the EU countries over the concerns of espionage on behalf of Beijing, although, Huawei had repeatedly said that they had never been asked by any government to perform espionage on their behalf.

However, some of the western countries alongside Australia and New Zealand had already barred Huawei from building next-gen 5G mobile networks, accusing the largest mobile telecommunication and equipment maker in the world of putting a backdoor in the 5G devices, which could be used to track data and perform espionage on behalf of China.

According to a spokesman for the GSMA, the director general of the federation, Mats Granryd had sent a written proposal to the GSMA members to put the Huawei debate on the agenda of its next board meeting, due to be held in late February over the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress, the largest annual gathering of the mobile network services, in Barcelona.