Trump won’t meet China’s Xi before trade truce deadline

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Trump won’t meet China’s Xi before trade truce deadline

On Thursday, the 7th of February, the US president Donald Trump told that he would not be meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping, before the trade truce deadline by March 1st, set by the leaders of the two largest economies of the world at the latest round of G20 meeting in Buenos Aires on December 1st.

On Thursday (February 7th), while being asked by a reporter whether Trump would like to meet China’s Xi before the trade truce, Tramp said “no”, voicing an intransigent air, which had flawlessly added further strains to the concerns related to trade conflict.

While being asked whether there would be a meeting in a near-term outlook (in the next month or so), Trump appeared to be baffling when responding, “Not yet. Maybe”. Nonetheless, earlier last month, Trump had said that he would like to meet the Chinese President in order to resolve their trade differences and sprouted optimism over ongoing tariff warfare with China.

However, Trump’s recent comment had substantially aired negativity and dampened the hope of reform of quick trade pack, meanwhile impacting the global stocks dreadfully and fueling a steep slip in global stock markets including the US & emerging market shares.

Despite Trump’s tormenting comments, which excruciated the financial market atmosphere and added new worries to the existing global slowdown and geopolitical tensions, White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow told the reporters on Thursday (February 7th), that, the leaders of the two economic superpowers might have still met at a later date.

At some point the two presidents will meet, that is what Mr. Trump has been saying. But that is off in the distance still at the moment,” added the White House Economic Advisor.