Dell seeks to sell cybersecurity SecureWorks to ease $50bln debt-pile

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Dell seeks to sell cybersecurity SecureWorks to ease $50bln debt-pile

The leading computer maker Dell Technologies, which had made its comeback later last year in the financial market after six years of absence, involving a complicated deal with its software company VMware Inc., had been seeking potential sales opportunities for a cybersecurity company, SecureWorks Corp, a US cybersecurity provider, seemingly with a market value near to $2 billion, at least two sources familiar with the subject matter revealed on Thursday, the 7th of February.

In fact, Dell Technologies holds a stake of 85 percent in SecureWorks, the sale of which would potentially allow the computer maker to ease their $50 billion debt pile. At this moment, the SecureWorks had been working with the investment bank Morgan Stanley in order to initiate a sale process, which was at a very early stage, the sources familiar with the sale revealed, asking to be remained unidentified, since the matter is highly confidential.

Based in Atlanta, the SecureWorks had been offering information security solutions targeted at securing corporate networks from cyberattacks. According to the website of the SecureWorks, they had over 4,300 clients in more than 50 countries.

While asking about the seemingly upcoming sales of SecureWorks, which would potentially proffer a breathing space for Dell Technologies, both SecureWorks and Dell Technologies declined to comment and the Morgan Stanley did not respond immediately.