Huawei calls for EU supervision on US allegations of espionage

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Huawei calls for EU supervision on US allegations of espionage

On Thursday, the 7th of February, a senior Huawei Technologies’ executive had been quoted saying that the Chinese telecommunication giant would want national & corporate cybersecurity to be considered as a technical concern rather than an ideological issue, and the largest telecommunication equipment maker was open to any kind of supervision by the European governments.

The Huawei technologies’ voice came forth through Abraham Liu, the chief representative of Huawei to European Union institutions, as the company had been racing gauntlets all over the world over ties with Chinese government and allegations that the company could embezzle their technology for espionage on behalf of China.

Nonetheless, the Huawei had repeatedly declined the allegations, saying that they had never been asked by any government to perform spying on their behalf, although they did not decline that they might have the network equipment, which could result in a breach to the national security.

Meanwhile, the Huawei’s Chief Representative to the EU institutions, Abraham Liu had also been quoted saying that the company would never harm the interests of any customer or countries. A copy of Abraham Liu’s speech at the Huawei Technologies’ New Year reception in Brussels said, “Cybersecurity should remain as a technical issue instead of an ideological issue.

Because technical issues can always be resolved through the right solutions while ideological issue cannot. ”