Germany restrains Facebook’s data gathering activities

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Germany restrains Facebook’s data gathering activities

Ahead of a basket of landmark elections over the European soil this year including the European Commission, the social media tycoon, Facebook had been ordered to limit their data gathering activities in Germany on Thursday, the 7th of February, 2019.

The legal hearing went air-borne earlier on Thursday (February the 7th), as a milestone ruling on a Frankfurt court accused the Facebook networks of abusing its market dominance to collect information without user’s consent.

Conventionally, Frankfurt always scaled the privacy concerns with deep significance and now, it has been in the frontline defense against Facebook’s widespread mismanagement over a stack of privacy breach issues. Meanwhile, the social media giant had been on a tight leash following last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, which harvested tens of millions of user’s profile data without consent.

In particular, Germany’s antitrust watchdog questioned the move of Facebook Inc. and asked them to disclose their policy of how they had been pooling data from third-party apps including its own Instagram and WhatsApp.

Things even went much worse after Facebook had announced last week, that, they had been planning a merger between its messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, as the German antitrust watchdog also had pointed out their policy of tracking people online who weren’t even using the “like” or “share” buttons.

According to the legal ruling, the Federal Cartel Office Chief, Andreas Mundt said, “In future, Facebook will no longer be allowed to force its users to agree to the practically unrestricted collection and assigning of non-Facebook data to their Facebook accounts.

As a repercussion, Facebook said that they would appeal against the decision.