US-China trade talk to resume next week in Beijing, says White House

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US-China trade talk to resume next week in Beijing, says White House

On Friday, the 8th of February, 2019, a White House Spokesman said that the next leg of trade talk between China and United States would begin on February 11th with a deputy-level-meeting, which would also be followed by high-level talks scheduled to be held between February 14th-15th in Beijing.

Since the signing of trade truce on December 1st, over a Saturday night dinner on the latest G20 summit at Buenos Aires, Argentina, the two economic superpowers had been vying to find out a sizeable solution that could hold interests for both of the nations.

When it comes to the advancement, very few had been detected and most of the proposals of China had been limited to purchasing more US products, seemingly avoiding the pivotal points related to intellectual property transfer right and the independence of US firms doing business in China.

Followed by a hammered-out trade talk, concluded last week in Washington, there had been no signs of progress and the US-China trade worries appeared to be prefixing further penetrations into the existing global slowdown wounds, meanwhile the global financial markets are carrying on the burdens and draining heavy money, as the global stocks alongside Wall St.

have been plunging over the worries of trade conflict. Meanwhile, the US president Donald Trump also said earlier this week, that, he would not be meeting the Chinese President before trade truce deadline, March 1st, GMT.

05.01, instead he would be pushing forth the Treasury’s Mnuchin to hold out the trade talks, which had dampened the market momentum substantially. Nonetheless, according to the statement released on Friday, February 8th, the US trade representative Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin would be travelling to Beijing for participating high-level talks between February 14th-15th.