US sues Lockheed on nuclear site cleanup bribery

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US sues Lockheed on nuclear site cleanup bribery

On Friday, the 8th of February, the US department of Justice had sued the Lockheed Martin Services Inc. Lockheed Martin Corp., and the Mission Support Alliance LLC, alongside a Lockheed executive over the accusations of briberies and false claims on a multi-billion-dollar contract to clear up a nuclear site.

According to the complaint lodged in the US department of Justice, Lockheed paid over $1 million to Mission Support Alliance executives for winning a $232 million subcontract, designed for providing technology and management support at the Hanford, Washington site from 2010 to 2016 at an inflated rate.

Besides, the allegations also say that the defendants had lied to the prosecutors about the figure of profit included in to the Lockheed’s billing statement. Nevertheless, a Lockheed martin spokesman had immediately denied the accusations, saying that “The company rejects the suggestion that the corporation or its executives engaged in any wrongdoing.

Lockheed Martin will defend this matter vigorously. ” At the time of the wrongdoing, which dated back to as early as to 2010, the Mission Support Alliance (MSA) had been a subsidiary to the Lockheed Martin Integrated Technology LLC, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., and the Centerra Group, and without any competition the MSA awarded the subcontract to Lockheed’s technology group, according to the US justice department.

The nuclear site cleanup on a 586-square mile Hanford nuclear site located in Sothern Washington, established during the WWII, is considered to be the largest environmental cleanup in United States’ history.